Feb. 2nd 05:10 AM 2011
nice status u wrote there. i like that.


Jan. 29th 07:43 AM 2011
Nice one


Jan. 19th 01:31 PM 2011
thats good of you


Dec. 31st 01:49 PM 2010

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Dec. 1st 07:27 PM 2010
happy new month,i luv ur words


Nov. 20th 09:12 AM 2010
LOVEThe fire that burns from withinthe sensation tha elicits bottomless joythe flux that obfuscates all rationalitythis is love, real love in action. Love has its many undeniable branchesempathy for the one being lovedliving for the one being lovedbeing a fool for the one being loved.No half measures in loving the otherthe mind never at rest for the one in lovesatisfying the other is the order of the dayseeing no fault in the other is a love thing.When all your dreams are full of the otherwhen all your visions are of the otherwhen the other becomes all about youthis is love in its naturalness.Love denies the self in the loverlove enslaves the self for the loverlove sees only the best in the lovertamper with these love becomes poison.Engr. Enyinda Nathaniel OkeyNovember 19th. 2010

Happy Birthday

Nov. 9th 07:04 PM 2010
Just missed your birthday by a couple of days...U have my well wishes in arrears. My first daughter in the UK had hers yesterday. her second son had his on the 6th. You appear in between my daughter and her son in terms of birthday. Remain blessed......


Nov. 7th 04:29 PM 2010
Happy birthday to u.

Hapi Birthday

Nov. 5th 12:36 PM 2010
Wishing you the best of FUN
To listen to

Happy Birthday to You.

Nov. 4th 10:20 PM 2010

Happy Birthday
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