May. 3rd 12:25 PM 2011
am fine do u have a blackberry if so whats ur pin

hiya pal

Jun. 13th 01:10 AM 2010
been busy.... and moreover, this site is a little bit boring... lolhow are you sha?

hey boi

Apr. 17th 11:17 PM 2010
im ok....u?fank


Mar. 28th 03:09 PM 2010
we thank God everybody is fine......

okay now!!

Mar. 24th 04:51 PM 2010
haba, mean girlfriend or fiancee or wife? hahaha lol


Mar. 22nd 04:05 PM 2010
am Ehis by name and where re u 4rm??

sup webber

Mar. 20th 11:03 PM 2010
am fine oo just takinglife cool oo........... hows ur partner and family too?

Hey yea am ok Thax

Mar. 20th 10:28 AM 2010
And HOWS your day going?? Hey if you dont mind can i know the name??

heyya wassup??

Mar. 17th 08:45 PM 2010
thax 4 ur add and hw re u doing??


Mar. 15th 10:30 AM 2010
am good stay sweet i keep in contact u hve swagger