Thank you

Mar. 30th 04:44 PM 2012
Hello, how are you? My apologies sir for such a tardy response....I rarely frequent this site.....However I have to tell you that this message you sent to me has made my day

Thank u 4da add.

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Friends 4 Life

Dec. 21st 10:03 AM 2009
We've been friends for so long.
There have been lots of tears
And so much laughter between us.
I feel closer to you than anyone else.
I've listened and hurt every time you fell in love, longing to be the one in your arms. I've been there for you when every one of your relationships fell apart. You listened and cried with me when we found out about the cancer and you stood by my side through all of it. Now is the time to tell you that the waiting is over.

The love you so desperately seek is here in my arms. You've often asked why I'm not interested in any of the men who hit on me when we're all out. I've always told you they weren't the one for me. Now I'm telling you that you are the one for me. You’re the one I dream about. No one can make me laugh like you, even when I'm knee deep in tears. The reason I've been alone for five longs years is this: I've been waiting for you to see the love in my eyes that's only for you. I'll wait forever if that’s how long it takes. I need you. I miss you when you’re gone, and I hurt when you’re sad. I love you, Chika, for everything you are.

Merry xmas and Happy New Year

Dec. 14th 09:19 AM 2009
Good morning to you Oga Chika. Hope u are enjoying your self with dad, mum, sisters and your friends.How are you preparing for this xmas and New Year?Please, don't eat too much, it would look as if someone should eat the whole world at the time of festive like this. Minimize whatever you wanted to do in this yelitude period.Adebambo Olusegun.

@ status

Oct. 23rd 11:24 AM 2009
i dey thank God too for everything


Jun. 19th 02:55 PM 2009
I counsel God’s people to learn to pray more in the spirit, and listen to the signals and intuitions of the Spirit when they pray. The Holy Spirit requires our vocal faculties, to carry out His interccessory ministry through us. Understand that when you speak in tongues, you’re giving instructions to angelic beings. Speaking in tongues can save your life, don’t take it lightly. When that urge comes for you to speak in tongues, don’t relent or hesitate because it’s from the Holy Spirit who may be seeking to save you, or your loved ones from imminent mishap.


May. 28th 06:53 PM 2009
sorry i've nt said nothing to u,nd no mind me i no fit spk english ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.hw u dey now.


May. 11th 12:33 PM 2009
It has been said that we need just three things in life: Something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love. I am looking for love as so many other thing in life. But so many don't know how love works. It is not only to take!!! You have to give and to receive. I'm a sociable and optimistic guy with different interests. I simply want to love and want to be loved. I want to meet a "real" woman whom I can trust.
She shouldn't be a "perfect" woman just a lady with whom I can be the happiest guy in the world. Like you I also want to have my special person and it would be very pleasurable to find the second "half" and enjoy the good things in our life...It is important to be with someone we love and care about. My partner should also be my best friend whom I will love unconditionally – that should of course work both ways. Respect for each other is also a must. We should not try to chance each other – that is not ours to do. In relationship your partner is your best friend whom you love unconditionally - that should work both ways. Our mind should be free from traces of the past, just like the flowers of spring.