Genuine Success

Jun. 23rd 01:36 AM 2016
Success without pain is fraud and leads to eternal damnation but a golden crown awaits all genuine struggle to succeed.

Hate and Love

Jun. 19th 08:15 PM 2016
Remove every hate in your heart and replace them with Love so that God who made you will also love you

Hi pals

Jul. 16th 11:57 PM 2014
Hi pals, sorry I was out of here for some time but back now, sorry once again for not responding to your mails and not picking your calls. Do mail me now and please do call, wish you all the best happiness ever.


May. 27th 11:38 PM 2013
I am loving your quote.

happy birthday

May. 14th 04:30 PM 2013
in advnace


May. 13th 02:00 PM 2013
Hi pals, hw was the rain