Oct. 16th 01:29 AM 2008
There guy has the guts to say Naijapals are fooling themselves....... we love it here and its lively here....so don't come and mess this place up

Life Is All About Who You Are, Where You Are And where You are Going.

Oct. 11th 01:34 AM 2008
Life Is a Teacher,The more you tecah the more you learn.And sucess way is not that straight,you have to face alot of challenges before you get ups there.Keep struggling,you will surely survive one day as soon as you take the right step,your sucess is sure.And Pray hard so that you will not perish on your way to sucess because there is alot of enemies waiting for the down fall of human being.But my God make me understand that the righteous man fall 7 time and stand still.Keep your finger cross My God Is At Work Work always.Is all about one mind.