Feb. 11th 04:15 PM 2012
pls tyy and reply dat message tanx


Jun. 17th 05:17 PM 2010
i lik ur pic.


Apr. 26th 10:43 PM 2010
am doing fine.please can you tell me the name of your country?....are u married?


Apr. 16th 04:49 PM 2010
Can I meet you please! You can meet me at (


Mar. 23rd 11:54 PM 2010


Feb. 8th 03:16 AM 2010

How r u

Feb. 2nd 03:37 PM 2010
Doing. I hope al is wel wth u. Happy nw month


Jan. 23rd 02:35 PM 2010
Am a cool dude i wil like to be your pal


Jan. 12th 12:33 PM 2010
yori yori baby? whats'up?

Hei D!

Jan. 5th 09:38 PM 2010
If it play or dat kind of fun, plz stop it oh. Ah ah. How can i hav u as pal n u don't respnd. U even loggd in 2day yet u can't visit ma page. Not happy @ al.