Feb. 3rd 07:56 AM 2012
i was in hospitalllll thats why dear.....now m ok...

happy birthday

Sep. 20th 10:00 PM 2011


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Jul. 28th 04:14 PM 2011
Good day, nice pic

hai 1

May. 17th 12:05 PM 2011
yes, thanks dear, it has been long i heard 4rm u really, how r u doing

miss you here

May. 4th 03:21 PM 2011
To seelove, look at moon..To see beauty, look atnature..To see light, look atsun..To see hope, look atfuture..But, I can see all ofthese by…just looking at you….i like you so much

very ok

Apr. 15th 04:44 PM 2011
Dear and you?


Mar. 25th 03:19 PM 2011


Mar. 15th 04:39 PM 2011


Mar. 8th 02:19 PM 2011
you look charming and radiant,i believe in possibility and that is y i am an achiever.how are you and hope you are good ,even thou you did not mail me in my birthday.well i really want to know you better.hope to


Dec. 3rd 02:40 PM 2010
Pls send me ur fone number as message so i call you bcuz i lost my fone.How are you doing?