May. 13th 12:49 PM 2014
Very much wanna be ur friend Randy gel


Aug. 12th 11:32 AM 2011
good friends always think of each other do

hi baby

Apr. 5th 02:08 PM 2011
i hate liars


Apr. 3rd 11:34 AM 2011
Oh my god you looking so good baby!

Happy Birthday

May. 13th 08:54 AM 2010
Happy birthday girl, as you celebrate may God make all things beautiful for you so that there won't be any reason to stop celebrating. Enjoy your day


Feb. 2nd 10:09 AM 2010
baby u are a sexy girl and i will like u to sex it with me

hey gorgeous

Oct. 21st 05:06 PM 2009
hw u doing?


Jul. 2nd 12:34 PM 2009
Am Dennis..am a fun catching guy with good sense of humor, who know what it take to have good friends around him and never let a bored moment depress my mood, i love to have fun and and go out with friend, i alway believe in making things happening and never let people around me go down, cuz.. i alway feel bad when something bad happen to a friend of mine, i do CARE about people around me, i love cycling, swiming and gardening with someone that know the full meaning of love.

Happy birthday

May. 13th 02:15 PM 2009
Happy birthday to you my one and special friend, may God fill your bowels with joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you once again


May. 13th 02:01 PM 2009
Happy BIRTHDAY Sweet heart... But if i may ask, HOW OLD ARE U NOW?