Feb. 23rd 10:29 PM 2009
it took me a while to reply.. got a new job with ELF.. so been busy all weeks.. how's going with your military thing??


Feb. 17th 04:34 AM 2009
The Military man, How's it going man?


Dec. 1st 07:47 AM 2008
aw u doin???tnx for peepini did nt get d interpretatn of ur comment~~~~~~~~~~Orie Fukcersibe ~~~~~~~~~~~~

lol..ur mum

Nov. 30th 02:19 PM 2008
lool...have a nice day !


Nov. 11th 06:20 PM 2008
i said aint looking for husband...wat part of dat english dnt u understand??lol care

how well

Nov. 3rd 10:40 PM 2008
you know say na my guitar be my girlfriend currently now.. na why.. anyway.. how your side?

hey dude

Sep. 16th 05:29 AM 2008
mouthed ke??????lolanyway tnx for dat rememba u ar mouthed too!!!