Sep. 25th 06:01 PM 2009
How are u doing?


Sep. 8th 05:50 PM 2009
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happy sunday

Aug. 2nd 06:19 PM 2009
lovely...if it had nt been 4 de Lord on our side...where would we have been....?? in da street or died by now...But all praise goes to Him for keppin us...not dat we are too righterous but just for His love and grace in our lives....i Bless u suday ..amen...God bless...how are u doin?..im doin gr8

been thru

Jul. 21st 11:08 PM 2009
yo pix,must admit gurl...
u sexy!


Jul. 21st 09:42 PM 2009
just peepinnn....'wink'


Jul. 14th 06:25 PM 2009
watz up


Jul. 8th 05:28 PM 2009
is been long that we share a comment... hw re u n the rest of the family, hope all is well with u.. re u on facebook, cz is the easiest way of getting tag with friendzz am waitn for ur respond any moment 4rm now... thank you

hi cutie

Jul. 4th 12:06 AM 2009
just passin y to showin some love...im comin back to tell u about ur beauty..lol
take care and kiss my flames

you are breath taking

Jun. 13th 04:20 PM 2009
darling be mine

am cool

Jun. 13th 10:13 AM 2009
alwayz cool...whatz good?