Jan. 18th 09:46 PM 2020
Trust this message meet’s you well I Elizabeth Williams on behalf of my Organization, World Human Right & Aids Foundation. wish to invite you for this great international summit which i will be privileged to attend in Africa with my organization, we' ve been selected to attend in USA and West Africa. I recommend you to attend if you wish, you don’t need to worry air/tickets, accommodations and feeding will be taking care of throughout the approved participant' s stay for the conference in the United States. Kindly respond to me via Email ([email protected] ) for more information and process on registration, terms and condition also apply. Note: This offer is limited. Regards, Elizabeth Williams. 356O

Am fine

Jan. 30th 11:42 AM 2013
Thanks 4 d checking.hope u good aswell.takia


Jan. 30th 11:05 AM 2013
happy new year......how are u doing?


Oct. 22nd 11:02 AM 2012
how did ur weekend go?.......fine, right?


Oct. 18th 01:30 PM 2012
some people take advantage of you just because they feel you are week,but i must say this that the slow movement and calmness of the tiger does not dipict he is week.we must learn how to respect one another no matter how we see the opposition.