Nov. 30th 06:45 AM 2010
To you,Bros

hei! enjoy with this Truck eehhhhhh?

Jun. 7th 05:36 PM 2009

Decorate Your Photos
hilse fra Norge!


Jun. 7th 04:54 PM 2009
zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Myspace Thanks for the Add Graphics
hilse fra Norge!


Jun. 7th 04:52 PM 2009

Myspace Glitter Graphics Maker

Myspace Glitter Graphics Maker
hilse fra Norge!

ok love

May. 25th 05:19 PM 2009
slong as ur good.

hey son

May. 22nd 02:28 PM 2009
hw ve u been?


May. 1st 10:34 PM 2009
waz up,what happened to ur line?


Apr. 19th 06:29 PM 2009
yea lucky u...hows u?

u look diff..

Apr. 18th 11:49 PM 2009
kinda olser and more matured.how u doing.showing some love bro

dat is a strong term ur using my dear...

Apr. 11th 12:33 AM 2009
u dont trully wish a brova dead, do u?happy eatser sha.just popping by to wish u a good one.