Jul. 14th 11:09 PM 2013
My dear miss Lily Smith, how are you doing today?


Aug. 29th 11:42 AM 2011
how is evrything over there, nice to meet u.......


Feb. 13th 08:18 PM 2011
just sayin elo n lettin u kno dat ur bufday is my weddin anniv,so we r mates sort of.api vals day 2moro.

Hi Ogom

Jan. 1st 02:29 AM 2010
Thanks heaps for my Birthday wish :}

Msg to Sunnyfrancky

Oct. 2nd 07:06 AM 2009
I am here for FRIENDS!!! as my profile clearly states if I wanted more men I wouldnt of said that and I wouldnt have told you I was married!! I suggest you get a life if all the time you have is to come onto my profile and leave nasty LIES there. I have done nothing to you, so go away!


Aug. 25th 02:31 PM 2009
u look good and take a way