Sep. 6th 01:47 PM 2012
Very sorry if you take that to be insultive is just the way i feel that moment most expecially how i hope, feel and wish to talk to you. And for the hot temper, yes i am why? Cos i am very honest and when people take advantage i snap and react like. Anyway mybe we not met to no eachother. You still have my no call or text me a no you dont share. Later.

my self

Jul. 26th 02:28 PM 2012
since have been tralveling to different places, have never seen anyone like me:::::::hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Jul. 19th 10:35 PM 2012
Let me n u chat 1 on 1. Meet me on fbook chat. can u?

Hi Bunmi!!

Jul. 19th 02:57 PM 2012
Thanks for your response am just interested in your name.


Jul. 17th 03:33 PM 2012
Xup bebe am apy 2 chat with u bebe can i knw u?

Hello Friend!!!

Jul. 17th 01:20 PM 2012
Is nice meeting with you Bunmi///