Sep. 27th 12:52 PM 2012
u r welcome


Dec. 5th 01:12 PM 2011
Happy new month Dapo, hope ur ok.

Hey Dapo

May. 17th 11:33 AM 2011
Have a nice day!

i ddey

Feb. 25th 04:31 PM 2011
ma dear..whatsup.


Feb. 2nd 02:46 PM 2011
Dapo, happy new month, take care!!

Hi Dapo

Dec. 31st 01:25 PM 2010

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Nov. 25th 08:17 PM 2010
gud n u...

mama' s grown man, ooo

Oct. 22nd 06:59 AM 2010
yes, naijapals is so boringggggggggg

you should come and play mafia wars with me on facebook.

what are you doing now? have you been up all night long?

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where mama' s grown man at?

Sep. 10th 03:54 AM 2010
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Hi Dapo

Sep. 1st 12:38 PM 2010
another month is here, happy new month!!