Jul. 31st 05:32 PM 2013
who is dis


Feb. 12th 02:38 AM 2012


Feb. 8th 08:10 AM 2012
why am i last on ur list? :(
Hope u kwl x

kome babe

Jul. 29th 03:56 AM 2011
i was here

How are you?

Apr. 24th 03:31 PM 2011
May the resurrection power that could not stop Jesus from being raised on the third day grant you access to God's unlimited power for success in all your endeavours in Jesus name. Happy Easter to you all in Jesus name,amen.Remain lifted!


Feb. 1st 05:50 PM 2011
No Shaking... Before Torres we were Winning Things Every Season

With him, we Won Zilch

After him we will be Winning again :)


Jan. 9th 10:00 AM 2011

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Fireworks oo, Kpai kpai Knockout oo, Gunshots oo, Bomb oo

Jan. 1st 10:25 PM 2011
All of Dem Na Banger


Dec. 1st 10:25 AM 2010
invite me oooo


Nov. 26th 03:43 PM 2010
how are you?