Jan. 10th 05:34 AM 2013
Good to hear from you. How r u doing? I just hooked up to naijapals. U r quite interesting also.

Hello Friend!!!

Aug. 29th 11:05 AM 2012
Good morning my dear how are doing today?


Jun. 18th 05:51 AM 2012
My dear because of happylove from me to you, no one be lyk you xup babe.


Jun. 17th 09:30 PM 2012
nice pic babe

Halo cutie

Jun. 12th 11:18 PM 2012
I m charles,29,lagos nig,can l meet u pls?

ur new friend

Jun. 12th 05:34 PM 2012
pls add me up,pretty.


Jun. 12th 04:10 PM 2012
Hello pretty! this is nt to flatten you but that is what you look and sincerely am just jelours of that lucky guy that behold your heart. Sweet girl!!!!!

missed u so much

Jun. 12th 04:03 PM 2012
i was very sick all these while