Jan. 18th 09:11 PM 2020
Trust this message meet’s you well I Elizabeth Williams on behalf of my Organization, World Human Right & Aids Foundation. wish to invite you for this great international summit which i will be privileged to attend in Africa with my organization, we' ve been selected to attend in USA and West Africa. I recommend you to attend if you wish, you don’t need to worry air/tickets, accommodations and feeding will be taking care of throughout the approved participant' s stay for the conference in the United States. Kindly respond to me via Email ([email protected] ) for more information and process on registration, terms and condition also apply. Note: This offer is limited. Regards, Elizabeth Williams. 8886

Those days

Feb. 20th 09:05 AM 2014
I Miss those days wen we went to school, lined up & the headmistress & teachers inspect our nails & uniform & then we match to our classrooms. U Remember na??• D days of Nasco Biscuit, Okin biscuit, Trebor, Iced Coloured water tied in nylon - we called it " lolly" • D days of Goody-Goody,condense milk,Balewa, sweet onigi, and pako biscuit. D days of ali & simbi, Mr Salami & Mrs Salami, Agbo lives in Calabar....Eze goes to school• Chei, i remember those days wen one naira na money, wen groundnut was 5kobo & choco milo sweet was 5 kobo• Days of messing game, who is in d garden, police and thief• D days of mama & papa play• Days wen we use to build houses wit sand, play suuwe game, tinco tinco, change Ur style, ten ten, skipping• Those days wen we used to fly kite on streets, those days wen rubber band was stock exchange• D days of limca soft drinks & choco milo advert on black & white tv & sunday rendevous by 1:30pm,village head master' omo oniresi tide,obe iresi nta sansan,aduke alake, omo oniresi tide' • When we say ' leke leke give me white finger' • Those days wen eleganza pen was d best• D days wen we used to drink water from d tap even suck out d water if it' s not coming out• The days wen NTA will show rainbow color for 30 minutes then national anthem be4 they resume program @ 4pm• The days of cortina sandal,basket sandals,simbi & Bata sandals were d best• Days wen we all sing sandalili sandalili songs. No more old fun. I' m really proud to have experienced all these. If u are not smiling it means u were not born in my generation. Which means u are d INDOMIE generation lol!