Hello Esther.Watz up

Dec. 15th 07:12 PM 2009
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hi cutie

Jun. 1st 08:31 AM 2009
Name's harry, really tink u look cool n i also wanna be ur friend

hey baby

May. 4th 11:31 PM 2009
How are you. My name Magani from Nigeria but i am living in Ivery Cost. I view your
profile and like what i saw inside there. I want to be your friend. My french is not good now, nd i what u to give me ur yahoo messenger that u use to chat or hotmail messenger and this is my no [email protected] and [email protected]

sweet babe

Jan. 6th 10:54 AM 2009
waoh! u are such a very beautiful girl , i will add u 2 my pal


Dec. 26th 10:11 PM 2008
Kemi are u sure this is ur pic am lookin @, becos' i am loosin my P P to the beauty....


Dec. 14th 11:30 PM 2008
u r dangerously beautiful!


Jul. 30th 10:41 PM 2008
u look sexy it seems i want u

hi there

Feb. 27th 02:53 AM 2008
say grl nice pic plus how have ur days been. u r a pretty one too, keep dat up!

hey girl

Feb. 18th 07:04 AM 2008
ur buff as fuck so word up. aint looking a chick right now but ill swap u for ten. big up


Feb. 9th 06:19 PM 2008