since when

May. 14th 01:07 AM 2013
u better find someone oooo...u dis old man

@baby boi

May. 2nd 04:27 PM 2013
where have u been all dis while, i hope u hve married that gurl...wink wink and at least have like 5 kids by now....hehehe


Apr. 24th 06:40 AM 2013
what is laughn you...

Hey dear

Feb. 13th 06:59 PM 2013
Wats up?


Dec. 17th 12:37 AM 2012
i c u tonite (smiles)


Nov. 25th 12:46 AM 2012
Diced bananas like not kul all bout da diced pinapples

zie zie zie

Jul. 5th 10:09 PM 2012
how many times did i call u....where r u ooo...its ur bday today what did u do....


Jul. 12th 06:39 PM 2011
Tanx oo,tsup?


Jul. 5th 08:09 PM 2011
No nwa !


Jul. 5th 02:53 PM 2011
Happy birthday dude.