Merry Christmas

Dec. 23rd 04:55 PM 2009
Hey bruh its Christmas, how are you and the family doing, please send them my love and Christmas wishes. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas !


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Egbon mi

Dec. 22nd 03:05 PM 2008
Here wishing you and the fam. a merry and most wonderful holiday season.
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Dec. 20th 08:07 PM 2008
compliment of the season to you hoping that you are preparing for it God will make us see another beautiful new year.take proper care of yourself see you soon.


Nov. 1st 10:55 AM 2008
Am just terrible busy. November 11 they will operate my meniscus in knee, so i need to do a lot before that day.Then i am busy with court to settle things with the Nigerian dads of my kids.Uptill today they never looked after their own kids, or called or sended even a card to them, so i try to change that and force them to at least pay for their kids.It all keeps me really busy. I wish u a nice weekend, byeeeee

Egbon mi

Oct. 17th 07:18 PM 2008
Am good, feeling great so far, all my homie's are good and kicking as well :), out there nko, mama, aunty kike, Joke, Isaac... hi to all out there, wishing you a wonderful weekend!1love.

Egbon mi

Oct. 12th 01:26 PM 2008
I dey cool and kicking... just here to check on you and dropping sum love.

Do have a glorious Sunday!

if u want to chat

Sep. 28th 07:40 PM 2008
u can meet me in my profile den we chat ther


Sep. 28th 12:35 PM 2008
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