Jan. 9th 12:08 PM 2009
Thx 4 all ur good wishes. and hope this new yr will bring us good thinstk care


Jan. 7th 05:09 PM 2009
Which school are you in?

4giv this sinner!!!!!!!!

Jan. 7th 10:30 AM 2009
That I did not reply to ur mail early enough made me like a guilty person on trial. Permit me to plead for 4givness. i won't repeat it again. This year, God will open the heavens for your name's sake.U will be celebrated more than the world celebrated barak obama last year. It is ur turn to shine and bloom and gloom. I appreciate u so much. Thanks.

welcome back

Jan. 6th 12:58 PM 2009
happy new year ope u did enjoy ur holidays?


Jan. 5th 01:09 PM 2009
thank you for my friend. i like your profile.


Jan. 5th 01:08 PM 2009
thank you for my friend. i like your profile


Jan. 3rd 06:09 PM 2009
wuts gud? hope u kl?happy new yr...


Jan. 3rd 01:34 PM 2009
u no dey hide ur mouth ooooooooooooooo

happy new yr Ela...

Jan. 2nd 09:52 AM 2009
Happy New Year
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Jan. 1st 10:24 PM 2009

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