criminal on the jungle

May. 1st 01:12 PM 2012
hahahahaha everybody knows that you are a scammer. here are three reason why you will soon be report to EFCC.

No.1 you are a man and call yourself lady
no.2 Samuel is a male name Ikolo is a nigeria name
No3 New York is not in United Kingdom but you said you are in new york
No.4 you do not know how to change photo number when you upload it
No.5 Guys beware of this animal


Apr. 5th 04:32 AM 2012
great smile, Thanks for that


Feb. 16th 05:11 PM 2012
U are so sweet baby.


Feb. 16th 05:10 PM 2012
So sweet baby.


Feb. 16th 12:57 PM 2012
how are you doing