Apr. 16th 11:42 PM 2015
I' m very sorry for not replying all you mail. How' s things long time. I miss chating with you.


Mar. 7th 08:47 AM 2012
hi baby u re cool

happy birthday!!

Oct. 10th 01:51 PM 2011


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hello sweety

Nov. 14th 11:54 AM 2010
longest time, hw r u doing? fine i guess, have lovely sunday


Oct. 24th 04:38 PM 2010
oh thank u my sister and may bless you


Oct. 17th 04:26 PM 2010
hallo how are u doing* hope all is well . thanks and Gods bless

Hi Dear

Oct. 14th 10:16 AM 2010
Nice 2 hear 4rm U, hope all's well wiv U. Take Care.

Happy Birthday Pretty Angel!!!!!!

Oct. 12th 06:24 PM 2010
Wishing u a lovely nd happy birthday. May ur dreams in life come true.

niho maa

Sep. 28th 07:48 AM 2010
chufan maaiyo....long tym no see

hi nnenwa how una dey

Jun. 20th 05:25 AM 2010
how is baby ,,,,,,,,abeg send my greetinz go give e'm