Mar. 2nd 03:16 PM 2011
taks 4 aspt,how is lag now?weti de ,my no 919873963372


Oct. 29th 10:51 AM 2010
Tnx for the confirmation, bless u........


May. 17th 08:53 AM 2010
Wishing you a fruitful and blessed birthday, enjoy your day and be thankful to the Lord. Have fun.

hey wats up with u

Jun. 11th 12:09 PM 2009
have a nice day and week ahead.take care

omo na chocolate

Feb. 24th 09:14 AM 2009
wats up with ya, sho n bubble . tc

hello babe

Feb. 19th 08:53 AM 2009
sup , with ya , omo to chon

thx ma dear

Jan. 29th 09:26 AM 2009
wishing u the best too

o babe,,,,,

Oct. 27th 05:01 PM 2008
u too much ooooo, which level u dey now, ah ah , wats up , u are just cool and sassy, abeg add me as ur pal,