Jan. 2nd 09:01 PM 2013
GREETINGS TO YOU am miss lucy i guess your here to make friends everywhere in the world i really want us to be friends if you don't mind here is my ID contact me through my EMAIL([email protected] )so that we will get to know about each other.

make myself love

Nov. 25th 01:26 PM 2011
sometimes you feel cheated and it hurt badly, somtimes you feel ignored in love,it demoralises you.it becomes low-self esteem.you cldnt move ahead.
All av got for you is pick ur self up first, gather some courage,strenght in you, then 'MAKE YOUR SELF LOVE'...that is,build up love in yourself and for your self,make it GROW, NUTURE it, then it produces attractions ,fruits of love towards you in return..I tell you ,you are on your way to be MOST CHERISHED and LOVED...thank you friends.....