Congrats Pal

Dec. 22nd 10:42 AM 2012
Happy birthday, many happy returns of the day

hello dear

Oct. 19th 01:08 PM 2012
Long are u doing?


Jun. 29th 02:23 PM 2012


Jun. 13th 04:28 PM 2012
where yu dey o. i dey miss you

awww hunnyyy

Jan. 9th 02:16 PM 2012
i am here o.. how are you?

you really wann know?

Apr. 22nd 03:57 AM 2011
we could arrange a meet and you'd get to see for yourself..


Mar. 18th 06:38 AM 2011
Ure welcom, dats wot we re here for. Hope u found little meaning in my comment. Ve a grate day

You are welcome

Mar. 16th 09:46 PM 2011
But I actually I have commented on more than one confession. So I might not really know the particular confession cos there are no names on it. Once again, you are welcome.


Jul. 5th 02:11 PM 2010
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Hi girl

Mar. 19th 03:15 PM 2010
Stay cool N watch over what is going on