Aug. 9th 01:51 PM 2013

happy weekend

Oct. 2nd 05:52 AM 2010
i traveled,by the time i came back my laptop broke,by the time i start using internet again i forgot about naijapal lol.

yes oh

Sep. 26th 03:29 AM 2010
i been busy with family,and school.

ma big bro

Sep. 6th 06:47 PM 2010
long time. how's life generally?


Aug. 15th 12:01 AM 2010
I've been pretty good thanks, thanks for stopping by =]


Jun. 8th 04:33 PM 2010
hi, quite a tym.


Apr. 29th 03:49 PM 2010
c'mmon where r u? Dropped some luv!

unculu dejii

Apr. 19th 03:49 PM 2010
wats sup, sho n bubble, ema gbadun, u no get problem.


Apr. 16th 04:48 PM 2010
tnx 4 chckin on me av bin 2 buzy al diswhile.......wokin on sum stuff................tnx alot............


Jan. 22nd 01:55 PM 2010
hello Deji, happy new year. its been a while, how are u doing? are u on facebook? hook me up if u are there. i will be happy to connect with you again. Yes my wedding went well. u will c d pix on fb.