God bless you!!

Jun. 7th 07:53 AM 2016
God bless you!!


Jan. 22nd 05:51 AM 2013
am gud and u


Jun. 5th 07:51 PM 2010
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not every

Jun. 3rd 09:13 AM 2010
blind person can write wht u wrote...buh guess wht U DID

hehehehe... @status.

May. 27th 06:41 PM 2010
It can... just write "chicken rearer" You are done! Considering all the cocks she's helped raise!


May. 24th 08:29 PM 2010
u hve some funny status


May. 24th 07:30 PM 2010
ur status is very funny


May. 23rd 11:01 PM 2010
I thought it was a credit card combination no!


May. 20th 01:28 PM 2010
@status, when I read ur status I couldn't help but smile...I thought it was only me tht does it, now I knw im not alone...hehehehehe

Biggest bro

May. 6th 02:53 PM 2010
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welcome back bro! How av u been?