work dey o

Dec. 9th 02:41 PM 2008
wow sorry again i miss ur message i was online till 10:45 but wen i didnt c anyone to chat with i log off.


Dec. 6th 09:07 PM 2008
Heeeey!!!!wetin dey Shelee?how u dey rough d eld-el Kabir? enough enjoyment dey oooooo


Aug. 29th 01:00 AM 2008
dis is a nice profile but dere smtin funny somwhere.................


Aug. 27th 06:36 PM 2008
hey whts up homie, whts cracking lacking yo. am at skul just checking my email n wanna drop by n say hey n thanks for replying, make sure wen u wanna get on de yahoo massager u let me know ok bye for now.

no prbz b.....

Aug. 26th 04:56 PM 2008
wt r friendz 4?
MyHotComments ...seksy......


Aug. 26th 02:54 AM 2008
WOW!!! tht is so cute thank u for ur comment tht is so sweet of u. thanks a lot.


Aug. 21st 09:52 PM 2008
no probz ite..


Aug. 20th 12:28 PM 2008
You are highly welcomed,my name is waliyat and am a uite


Aug. 20th 01:44 AM 2008
thanks seun,nd how are u 2?


Aug. 17th 03:58 PM 2008
tank u. yeah, i guess we cld b friends