Feb. 21st 10:44 PM 2013
its been a long time. how has it neen/

U like nice

Oct. 10th 12:51 AM 2012
angle how are doing today

this my phone num 08064548224

Jul. 17th 11:39 AM 2012
l love u and ur comment.pls call me then l ll get back to u.ve a nice day


Jun. 1st 12:14 PM 2012
compliment of the seasons for those that deserve compliment, 4 they shall be given compliment upon complimentation. wats up


Apr. 4th 10:56 PM 2012
Behind every "I do not care" is always an emotion ...
For every "It's Alright" is always a little pain ...


Mar. 23rd 12:56 PM 2012
For all who think that one of the most beautiful thing is .. wake up and have a side by side .. SOMEBODY


Mar. 23rd 10:57 AM 2012


Feb. 14th 11:04 PM 2012

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hi baby

Feb. 12th 01:43 PM 2012

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Feb. 11th 11:06 PM 2012
The world is beautiful when you know that there is someone you love with all your heart and he loves you ..... Be grateful if you fall asleep next to whom, and every night and always find him beside himself, because then you will find that the world nothing is more important than ..... find someone who is living with you and want nothing in return, except you ...