pure in heart

Dec. 31st 12:30 PM 2011


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happy birthday

Nov. 1st 07:32 PM 2011

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Sep. 20th 01:49 PM 2011
and fun

hay dear

Sep. 11th 06:09 PM 2011
hw jst tel me anytin and i we do it


Aug. 26th 03:36 PM 2011
well u ar jus 2 gud 2 go

miss u 2

Aug. 26th 06:58 AM 2011
miss u too gal


Aug. 25th 03:18 PM 2011
we all lv u 2


Jul. 30th 08:19 PM 2011
u his d luck guy

supz dear

Jul. 18th 08:03 AM 2011
dear pls next time u feel aln jst cal me on dis number 08067266679 so dat i we keep u busy

supz petty

Jul. 18th 07:59 AM 2011
my dear hw does it feel 2 b in lv