Feb. 23rd 04:36 AM 2011
u r welcome

mr sly

Feb. 14th 08:42 PM 2011
happy vall


May. 24th 04:11 AM 2010
Whats up, hope u are gud, sent u a message sometime back, still waiting on ur reply.


Mar. 16th 07:33 PM 2010

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Mar. 11th 02:39 AM 2010
where are you, hope u are okay? Just checking up on you.


Mar. 2nd 07:24 AM 2010
[email protected] status whats up with ur phone? Remember i said i knew you from somewhere, now i think i remember, do u know any one named Abdulkareem Abdulkareem? lol.

My chairman

Jan. 24th 03:14 AM 2010
I remove my cap 4u.i wish u all d gud things of life.

i only came

Dec. 30th 11:31 AM 2009
as a visitor and im not a student of unilag u doing?


Dec. 5th 10:41 PM 2009
don't know y, but i havent been able to log on for a while ,


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Nov. 22nd 06:51 AM 2009
but for some reason your face is familiar, i swear i almost think i know you.