hello kanwai

Nov. 27th 09:44 AM 2009
how are u ?just passing by to say Hi to you


Oct. 16th 03:18 PM 2009
you said the right thing bro!


Sep. 9th 02:14 PM 2009
true talk my brother

yes guy thats the dream, i' m on day 60 so far...all thats needed is for pple to listen everyday

Aug. 15th 07:57 PM 2009


whatz up

Apr. 21st 05:34 PM 2009
will love to pls


Apr. 2nd 10:15 AM 2009
I'm grateful for your encouragements. We shall both c @ d top. Cheers

merry xmas

Dec. 19th 08:58 AM 2008
wishing you all de best in dis great celebration wit luvnice time

How d hamathan 4 ya end

Nov. 16th 05:41 PM 2008
Guy which one,neva a dull moment here,we maintain 2 sustain and we dey upgrade our mind and brain 4 here,anything dts confusing 2 u just reach me ok

ur welcome

Oct. 26th 10:37 PM 2008
Ur welcome man

yea man

Oct. 26th 07:28 PM 2008
hope ur doing great, am orite at the moment. take care man