Nice profile song

May. 24th 11:21 AM 2013
I was here..


Aug. 15th 11:11 AM 2012
Happy birthday to you my dear

crazy leaders

Dec. 26th 09:01 AM 2011
Nigerians only hv the same system way of doing things, after the grieviance and condolence for those who lost their lives for that moment by talking blah! blah!! blah!!! including myself, we tends to forget every incident as if it was nothing special until those incident knock at the door of each and every Nigerian populace that we will know how to talk less and be bold to take full action without looking at the consequences.
I was completely shattered today seeing some people exercising their freedom to practice wot they believe which nobody can deprive that from them but some people were ready to take souls that they can never create and we keeps folding our arms and after a week of mourning, Gov. will re-introduce another scenerio to pave away those things from our mind until another blast occur again (same repetition), who is fooling who? nobody can convince me that there is no Gov. allieds in all those bombing and if we are not careful, Nigeria is going to be a distructive country that will be disintegrated like Russia and people would not be able to stand on their own after the calamity befallen on us bcos the way things are going is definitely going to lead to religious war, political war and all the war u can envisage and they hv been looking for a way b4 to reduce world population.