lost nd love

Apr. 27th 12:59 PM 2012
can i be ur luv nd not lost b/c lost is 4 the beauty which does not last but love ar ordained.I MISS YOU.


Mar. 16th 11:06 PM 2012
waoooh this is intresting, i like those comments and love to see more of this. stay bless.

happy birthday

Feb. 24th 04:55 PM 2012
Happy Birthday To A Very Special PersonDesiComments.com | Birthday | Forward this Picture


Feb. 22nd 02:40 PM 2012
I just read your post and it sounds very interesting to me. Wishing u a happy birthday in advance
need your moble no. mine is 08090807018


Aug. 25th 05:34 AM 2011
kool n am among the gemini group


Jul. 25th 06:09 PM 2011
9ice u beauty


Jul. 25th 10:03 AM 2011
wats good beauti queen, how is 9ja? guess cool!!!! u really look good here...................can i hv ur id? so we can talk better........


May. 6th 11:58 AM 2011
Hi Comfyswizz i llike the way how you are good looking, gul i want you to be my best friend okay if yes page me back.


Apr. 19th 06:16 PM 2011
wats yp how you doing long time


Apr. 19th 05:09 PM 2011
can have your id