hey bro

Nov. 29th 07:56 PM 2013
Long time


Feb. 21st 09:06 PM 2013
happy birthday bay old man...are u bk in da states or still in naija

hey boo boo head

Sep. 26th 05:30 PM 2012
how is naija, i saw ur txt buh i cant reply


Aug. 19th 02:34 PM 2012
you need to get out on this site

i agree that im a wicked gurl

Aug. 11th 12:59 AM 2012
buh hmm....anyways let me knw but u out like that


Aug. 10th 11:39 PM 2012
I got a big head...u no wan try am.....i hve been around...where hve u been??


Aug. 10th 08:34 PM 2012
get off dis site now...and go read ur book young sir...


Jun. 28th 01:11 PM 2012