Jan. 4th 10:12 PM 2013
Just to say Happy New Year to you


Oct. 20th 09:49 AM 2012
wishing you happy birth day


Oct. 19th 10:12 AM 2012
You have added a year to your age, may the Grace of GOD continue to guide you and protect you as you face your future, remain blessed.


Jun. 26th 08:21 PM 2012
I need d physics(confidence). But, is it bcos i cant just stand it if i am turn down?

helo babe

Jun. 9th 08:26 PM 2012
baby Uwa hw ar u Queen.jst lke ur pic n u. Cn u join me in facebook. linus Aniedi Ukoenang


May. 28th 10:27 AM 2012
how are you ? lovely week ahead.


May. 20th 04:58 PM 2012
Hello baby, how are you?,,, please dont be offendd of getting my mail,

happy birthday

Oct. 19th 10:59 PM 2011

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whts up

Jul. 10th 09:14 PM 2011
pls if u ar online now let me kwn if u ar on facebook


May. 12th 09:02 PM 2011
baby girl whats up