Jul. 3rd 09:24 AM 2016
so very long

long time!

Apr. 12th 08:05 PM 2014
thanks for sending me congratulation birth day msg! am sorry for the late reply. am a bussy person! can i tell something? let me know if you want me to tell you.


Feb. 12th 01:08 PM 2014

Hey Miss

Feb. 8th 05:53 AM 2014
Longest time ever. How are you doing?Just checking up on you

hi sweet heart

Jun. 21st 09:09 PM 2013
go check out my online magazine thks much love .


Feb. 22nd 05:16 AM 2013
Always be happy always wears a smile not because life is full of reason to smile but your smile today shall be a reason for many others to smile to you just screening it is my birthday


Feb. 18th 06:29 PM 2013
Hi Quinn, how ya doing? Its been a while, thot to chexck on you. hope to hear from you soon. Takia

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Feb. 4th 04:28 PM 2013
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Thanx a bunch

Dec. 11th 03:04 PM 2012
Thank you so much Quinnn...... Sorry for taking this long to reply......

thanks Quinn

Oct. 2nd 04:13 PM 2012
u are a true frnd ok keep it up.