Apr. 25th 04:44 PM 2009
yea exam, how long is it going to take to do exam?
coz u've been telling me that u've been doing exam for how long now.
anyway nice to hear ur ok n well.


Apr. 25th 04:07 PM 2009
wats everblazn


Apr. 3rd 09:36 PM 2009
what is happenin, haven't hard of u quite a while now. i guess ur busy wiv ur studies. hope ur allright.x.

Compliment of the season

Dec. 20th 12:10 PM 2008

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Good 2 hear frm u

Dec. 15th 03:00 PM 2008
Thanxs 4 gettin bk to my message, i miss u 2 n don't work 2 hard :-)

Whats up

Nov. 25th 08:37 PM 2008
Hiya, whats happin, where ave u been? anyway just to c how ur doin, hope all is good....xx.

happy birthday...

Nov. 4th 10:28 PM 2008
not too late anywayz....wish u all da best!!!


Nov. 4th 06:14 PM 2008
Hiya, whats up n how is life?, How ave u been?. hope all is fine. Happy delated birthday by da away. hope u did ave fun. stay save....xx.


Oct. 10th 09:27 PM 2008
Bawo ni,hmn can't believe this is you! Where
have you been........Been a long time. Miss ya!


Oct. 10th 06:05 AM 2008