Am gud

Dec. 3rd 01:49 PM 2011
happy new month!

Hi Jude

May. 17th 12:11 PM 2011
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Hello jude

May. 17th 12:10 PM 2011
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Hey hi

May. 1st 11:16 AM 2011
Dear am doing great and all is well with u,am fyn n trying how r u n tell me more about urself ,enjoy ur sunday

No big deal

May. 1st 11:11 AM 2011
Hi dear,am gud n all is well with me how r u doing, am a somali lady n single how about u dear n how old r u, r u working,enjoy ur sunday n take care

Happy Easter!

Apr. 24th 03:25 PM 2011
May the resurrection power that could not stop Jesus from being raised on the third day grant you access to God's unlimited power for success in all your endeavours in Jesus name. Happy Easter to you all in Jesus name,amen. Remain blessed!


Mar. 25th 09:33 AM 2011
kool n u?

How are you sir?

Mar. 21st 07:19 PM 2011
Good evening sir and how are you?Hope you are keeping fine?May the Lord remember you for good in life in Jesus name,amen.


Mar. 18th 09:43 AM 2011
thx for d add...

hey there

Mar. 9th 08:09 PM 2011
ma dear how are you doing, let me see yo face atleast so that i know whom am talking to
otherwise i see you are online howz the going in Nigeria, what do you do there
take care and good night