Aug. 12th 10:04 PM 2012
how you doing? i really love ur music buh it only pains me that i canĀ“t download it so i can be listening to it more often. can u send me a link were i culd download it. Please....


Nov. 3rd 05:35 AM 2011
I love your voice and your songs, GOD BLESS

April girl

Apr. 1st 11:51 AM 2011
April girl...Its your month.Spend it well and make it count...

what are we?

Mar. 29th 03:42 PM 2011
we are love

am icy

Mar. 11th 09:56 AM 2011
am icy, ma pals r icy, ma album icy, check out d single is juicy nd icy


Mar. 10th 09:56 AM 2011
hello watz up
can u be my frend