Apr. 29th 05:55 PM 2011
a moment with God!!!!!that's great.
Yes, am having nice days...hope u are having the same.
Stay healthy and avoid stress.

Hi Babe' s

Apr. 24th 07:11 PM 2011
how are u...i hope u are having a blissful easter Holiday!


Apr. 17th 02:06 PM 2011
u where u 4rm

my yori yori

Apr. 14th 12:21 PM 2011
hehheehna u


Apr. 5th 06:01 PM 2011
how is today

okey now

Mar. 23rd 02:29 PM 2011
Just good


Mar. 14th 06:47 PM 2011
Thanks for that acceptance as your pal


Mar. 13th 10:57 PM 2011
Dis grl,she want to do me


Mar. 11th 12:03 PM 2011
you are pulchritude indeed my dear.


Mar. 9th 01:39 PM 2011
we miss u too, pls dont cry