May. 4th 06:34 PM 2011
Am fyn, thank u

the same to man

May. 4th 04:35 PM 2011
Dont you know that some men r also in this same position

Your cute!

May. 4th 12:16 AM 2011
Im afraid your too young for me.


May. 3rd 11:06 PM 2011
Your too young for me my dear.


Apr. 26th 03:36 PM 2011
not bad here thanx for askin lastborn! hope ur not bad urself...


Apr. 26th 03:57 AM 2011
am doing ok thanks 4 asking and hope u are doing ok as well. HAPPY EASTER THOUGH about the communication part i love chating here if u dont mind . thanks. ya have a lovely week ahead


Apr. 22nd 06:40 PM 2011
thanxs how are u


Apr. 18th 05:00 AM 2011
wel here is ur chance sorry for the late reply


Apr. 12th 05:39 PM 2011
I'm doing great!!! Hope you are having a great day!!


Apr. 11th 11:19 AM 2011
Sorry 4 not replying on time, nice reading 4rm u &tnx 4 d compliment. Have a nice week ahead