Jan. 10th 03:04 PM 2020
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Baba Is Always Available To Help You Out Of your Situation, He Is A Very Kind Hearted Man That Loves

Aug. 25th 10:36 AM 2019
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Jun. 19th 07:56 PM 2015
Experience they say is d best Teacher. Get married n ur question wil b answer

Ifadapo,happy bday!

Aug. 29th 05:58 AM 2013
Long life and prosperity.
Have a glorious day!


May. 30th 12:55 PM 2013
hi mate !


Jan. 11th 10:08 AM 2012

OrkutMela.com - Scrap



Jul. 9th 10:24 AM 2011
They lie bcos guys are the ones who taught them. and some guys dnt like hearing the truth.


May. 17th 08:03 PM 2011
Dont think like dat man!dont mind them,only local ladies behave like dat.


Feb. 17th 10:41 AM 2011
Hi guy, how are u doin? point of correction not all ladies lies, nd those dat lies they are nt born with it.


Dec. 27th 06:03 PM 2010
complement of the season to u