U re bless

Aug. 21st 10:28 PM 2010
babby hapi birthday


Feb. 1st 07:55 AM 2009
still looking ggoodd...

no loooooooong tin chinollin

Nov. 10th 05:13 PM 2008
2ru friends are not found under a tree or in a store but frm d heart of a faithful friend so find one.

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Oct. 24th 07:15 PM 2008
my is 08064282407 plz ur

Congratulations!! Congratulations!!send m3 ur number

Oct. 16th 02:55 AM 2008
O' level, as well as one or more years
in college completed. Degree's and up helpful but not

Experience: Less experience actually better. Must have kissed
less than ten different guys.

Attributes: High levels of maturity, intelligence, purity,
popularity, and hygiene a plus.

Skills: backrubs, good communication skills, musical
instruments or voice, ability to recite Pi to 40 or more

Applicants with names like "IFE " OR "OKAN"
are highly encouraged.

Applicants with the letter A, R, S, B, O, J in their names also encouraged.


-Hair must be at least shoulder length and undyed. The more natural
the better.

-Must like Soup.

-Must have the ability to talk or not talk forever, and still
find something to not talk about.

-"Modestly Hot"-ness encouraged. Super-Hot or Super-Not
discouraged except in exceptional circumstances.
(Super-Not can always grow longer hair, Super-Hot
can always cut some off.)

-No makeup wearers, nose-pickers or bed-wetters.

-Must have a good sense of humor or a good sense of when to
humor me.

-Must be in at least your second year of your
crush/obsession/infatuation with me.

-Must be jealous enough to fight off female stalkers with
sticks or rocks, and female suitoresses with dirty
looks (or dirty sticks, if need be).


Sick Leave, Vacation (spent with me of course), opportunities
for promotion and advancement. Matrimony option opens up
after a few years (which has a good retirement plan as well
as childcare available). At least one flower with a sappy
note per week. Stock options (and I do mean *stock*). Meal
plan includes several meals a week, and chocolate on the
weekends and valentines day.


Being my Girlfriend is an honor. This position, being open as
a charity, will not seek to make a profit. However, those
hired will be happy to find they need only pay me 800 GBP a
month to cover expenses. Smiley

Fill in the form below and send it to me asap.


Hair Length:

Explain in 300 words or less, how much you are obsessed with me:

Talk about how great I am, making sure to touch upon my "dreamy eyes":

In 300 words or less, explain why I should let you be my girlfriend:

Write a love sonnet to me (assume for now your love is unrequited):

97% of u wont send this: When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of u.
If u are the 3% that care send it to everyone on your list.
and see wat he does 4 u 2nite..................
if you not get moto at the age of 30 you f**k up.
even jesus christ buy moto. the bible say "they were
together in one accord" na the color we no know

[email protected]

Sep. 3rd 06:00 PM 2008
thx 4 d 9ice comment..


Aug. 23rd 09:45 PM 2008
this is a nice photo of you