Thanks 4 caring

Feb. 6th 10:19 AM 2009
Thanks a lot for those kind words,it means a lot to me
Really appreciate it,have a blissful day.

Sup brother

Jan. 29th 06:26 PM 2009
how are you doing today?

greet family too

Dec. 31st 09:13 PM 2008
New Year Comments

New Year Comments

New Year Graphics

New Year Graphics

old skool!

Dec. 31st 03:20 PM 2008
it took u a hundred years to add me.

i 4 gist u but i dey hurry. wen i resume den i'll have enuf time to fill u in on events wen been happen 4 ur former illia.

mmuuah 2 da princess!

tas sweet of u

Dec. 20th 01:23 PM 2008
well i wont be home tis yr ..hope all is well wit u .. tk and many wishes from heart

hi my pal

Nov. 26th 10:44 AM 2008
God bless you my man

thanks dear

Nov. 24th 07:12 PM 2008
how u dey na

hi pal

Nov. 19th 11:57 AM 2008
just wanted to say hi..

Thanks with love

Oct. 24th 04:07 AM 2008
Thanks so much,you are so kind.Have a lovely day

love and honesty

Oct. 21st 03:37 PM 2008
well that sounds great