Happy Birthday Tai Kash

Nov. 15th 05:55 AM 2010

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Happy 2010
On your Birthday...
Hope you look back and feel proud
of all you have achieved...
And look ahead at all that you are aiming for!
Happy Birthday.

Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn Maybach :-)

Happy Birthday

Nov. 18th 11:15 PM 2009
Hope u had fun today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Dec. 19th 11:53 AM 2008

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Hi.Having fun?Enjoy this.................!

Dec. 6th 01:38 PM 2008

Hi bro,Have a nice weekend.

Nov. 30th 07:02 PM 2008
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more years to come bro

Nov. 18th 05:06 AM 2008
i want to be first to wish you happy birthday, that means someone cares for you

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Hi, Thanx for the add!

Nov. 17th 04:54 AM 2008
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very clever

Nov. 14th 02:36 PM 2008
so what can you say about Tyrese, Brad pitt, ll cool J.. all those brothers with cute bodies ...damn bro..why do they give awards like most sexiest male in the world or do you wna say you dont know about tht? mehnnn, i dnt know why guys like ACTIN UP nowadays like girls do.. ALL YOU WOULD HAVE SAID WS THANK YOU BRO,YOU TOO..insteadof $**!*

Taiye or taiwo.?

Oct. 17th 11:37 AM 2008
..Accessn profile...>>>>>>tall (6ft 6) >>dark>>> well built>>>also sexy ...,...Tel me why gurls no go trip..?


Sep. 8th 08:59 PM 2008
yea I am that sweet....... so tell me do you like the new pic.....