long time

May. 21st 01:57 PM 2017
Hello my brother, how are you doing today?

Merry Christmas

Dec. 24th 03:49 AM 2013
Hope you have a great New Year


Jul. 10th 06:08 PM 2013


May. 22nd 01:18 AM 2013


Mar. 14th 07:17 AM 2013


Dec. 4th 06:12 PM 2012
am fine

ja right

Apr. 15th 06:31 AM 2012
i aint ur woman and never will be, get that clear


Apr. 5th 01:23 PM 2012
Footsteps in the sand of Gambia, land of most losers, who are so desperate to get a woman


Apr. 4th 11:18 PM 2012
i saw ye foot steps hehe


Mar. 28th 05:00 AM 2012
Look, u call everybody ur baby, write to all the same messages here.U try a little too hard to get a woman no matter who bites.
Beside be honest and write ur in Gambia and not in Amsterdam.Amsterdam and Holland got a very different phone number.I dont have any interess in u, we are just friends on here nothing more.