how are u ?

Oct. 6th 09:18 AM 2010
how have u being? u dey scarce na waz up?

hapy weknd

Oct. 3rd 03:09 PM 2010

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Oct. 1st 05:24 PM 2010
hope all is well...i miss u online. takia

sis nice weekend

Sep. 25th 09:39 PM 2010

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That's gud

Sep. 20th 04:26 AM 2010
yea of course nd u?hav a lovely week bbe


Sep. 19th 04:59 PM 2010
watz up Nelly bbe?

i know u r enjoying

Sep. 19th 03:23 PM 2010
sis how far hapy Sunday

hay sis happy weekend

Sep. 18th 07:37 AM 2010

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happy weekend

Sep. 16th 02:26 PM 2010

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how are you doing

Aug. 28th 04:07 PM 2010

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